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Sharif University of

تا در جهان ز عید و نوروز خرمی است

روزت به خرمی همه نوروز باد و‌ عید

نوروزی دیگر از راه می‌رسد، نوروزی که پیام اور طراوت و نشاط، عشق و امید، شور زندگی و نماد جاودان نو شدن برایمان  است.

نوروزهای بیشماری بر ایران زمین گذشته، با روایت قهرمانی شیرزنان و دلاور مردانش که گویای رنج های سترگی است که با عشق به ایران به مردمان نیک نفس میهنان در طول تاریخ گذشته است.

در سالی که گذشت چه شهامت ها دیدیم و چه دختران و پسران گردن فراز و از جان گذشته ای را شناختیم. یادشان مانا باد!

امیدواریم که ارمغان سال نو آرامش و شادکامی، بهروزی و کامیابی، و ازادی برای مردم نیک سیرت ایران و همه شما دانشگاهیان عزیزمان باشد.

لبتان پرخنده، قلبتان از مهر آکنده و نوروزتان پیروز باد!

هیئت مدیره سوتا

فروردین ۱۴۰۲

Expressing concern about new disciplinary regulations and the trend of appointments in universities in Iran

Following the recent widespread students protests in the universities in Iran, the university authorities in addition to expulsion and suspension of the protestors have started to reprimand  and suspend faculties that supported the protestors. Furthermore, they are forcing all students to sign statements requiring them to abide by new unlawful disciplinary regulations. At the same time in an concerted efforts from top down the universities managers are being appointed based on their ideological and political view rather than their scientific and management abilities and without input from faculty and student councils.

As a result we are unfortunately witnessing escalation of a trend that by appointment of the individuals who are aligned with government and debarment of the  independent faculties, universities become devoid of the free thinking and and critical views.

SUTA is expressing its deep concern about above trend and demands that the university authorities abandon this approach and allow the managers to be selected by the university councils. Also the university management should respect academic freedom and create an environment conducive to flourishing of diverse views.

برای مشاهده ویدیوی جلسه مجمع عمومی چهارم دسامبر ۲۰۲۲ روی لینک بالا کلیک کنید.

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We hope to create a global network of Sharif University community including students, alumni, faculty and staff, to promote professional, scientific and social engagement and collaboration among members. SUTA carries its mission as an independent organization based on common interests of its stakeholders without engaging in political, ethnic, religious, and other activities that will undermine its mission and goals. We will support and protect our members as they carry out their duties in line with our mission.



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